Why do we need NCERT books?

An NCERT book is considered a Bible for CBSE students as it is known for to-the-point information and easy-to-understand text. It is believed that a student who has read the NCERT book and understand the concepts given in them thoroughly can never fail in answering a question of any difficulty level. NCERT books cover entire syllabus of CBSE in a very elaborative manner with ample examples, solved questions, exercises etc.

Can we read them in digital form?

In today's era, where students study more on electronic gadgets like tablet, PC, laptop, mobiles, free downloading of NCERT books from authentic websites on the Internet is a boon for them. To provide this facility to our students, we are giving you some links from where you can easily download the NCERT books in the PDF format and save them for future reference. You can even download a single chapter that you want to read at the moment.

Those who want to read these books on Android based mobile phone can access NCERT ePub by downloading the e-Pathshala app.

In case students want to access these books on their PC can click here NCERT PDF downloads.